A New Distributor

Our first pickup was light but we were told more will be available in the coming weeks. It is great to be able to partner with distributors and manufacturers who are so willing and able to help.

This batch was picked up on Thursday and today (Wednesday) it is already gone. More to come tomorrow.

Three Tons Of Jelly

Have you ever wondered what three tons of jelly looked like? Probably not but this is it! Three pallets of jelly ready to be distributed to food pantries, schools, and families in need. Brothers of the Bread works daily to help support local charities that require donations to assists those in need.

If you are a business that has food or other items to donate please contact us. We will ensure those items are distributed to those who need them most.

If you are a charity in need of donations or a family who needs some help please contact us to make arrangements for a single delivery or reoccurring deliveries.

Snacks Added To Donations

Everyone needs a little something salty once in a while. We were fortunate to partner with a chips and other assorted snacks manufacturer / distributor in the area to bring a wide assortment of bagged snacks. In the photo you can see the donate ready to be distributed to food pantries, schools and others in need.

Panorama photo of a flat wall of snacks!

New Shipment of Jelly

One hundred and twenty (120) cases of grape and strawberry jelly were generously donated. This jelly will quickly be distributed to local food pantries from Niagara Falls to Rochester. We frequently make trips to numerous food manufacturers and distributors to pick up pallets of food that are then distributed to those in need. Either through food pantries or directly to families who request help. Please feel free to contact us if you are in a position to donate or if you find yourself needing a little extra to help feed your family. Everything is confidential. We accept all donations and are willing to set up a schedule to pick up the food at your convenience. Contact us for further details.